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PETCO® Window Wells (Areawalls)

window wells

Window Wells

  • Designed to provide more daylight
  • Available in round or square style 12, 15, 18, 24, 30 & 36-inch sizes
  • Made of galvanized steel, deeply corrugated for extra strength
  • Top fully rolled for rigidity and safety
  • Wide pre-punched flat mounting flanges hug masonry for perfect fit
  • Sold in bundle quantity only— 5 per bundle
  • Single piece construction, no welding on any models

Foundation Vent Areawall

  • Available in round only, 12 in. high, 20 in. opening

window well grates

Window Well Grates

PETCO® window well grates not only protect your basement windows; they also make your home more attractive! These carefully designed grates are covered with heavy expanded metal which is spot-welded to the sturdy electric-welded frame.


  • Good-looking & sturdy, and they carry the PETCO® guarantee
  • Keep leaves, rubbish, etc. out of window wells
  • Open window wells are a menace to children and adults alike! Guard against this hazard!
  • Constructed so as not to obstruct the sunlight