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PETCO® Brick Tongs & Block Tongs

brick tongs

Brick Tongs

The original "Made in the USA" yellow brick tongs! Produced for major masonry supply distributors throughout the country. Don't be misled by an inferior foreign-produced copy. Buy American! Sell American!

Block Tongs

block tongs

Time & money-saving tool for the trades. The block tong helps load, strip, set & move block without gloves & with minimal effort!

To Engage Block Tongs:

  • Snap trigger back, holding jaws open
  • Enter block from either end
  • Release trigger, allowing top jaw to fall in place
  • Pull back first, then up, locking tong to block
block tongs

To Disengage Block Tongs:

  • Set block down
  • Push tong forward and grab trigger
  • Open and pull up and out