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PETCO® All-Purpose Square Posts

  • Long-lasting, Economical Steel Post that Ensures Lifetime Strength!
  • 3-1/2 in. 11 gauge square tubing, complete with 3/16-in. cap and base plates. Cap plate 4-in. by 6-in., Base plate 6-in. square
  • Sizes: 7-ft. thru 10-ft. lengths in 6-in. increments, 12-ft. also available
  • Suitable for FHA construction
  • Available with 5-1/2-in. adjustable head or base (sold 6 per carton)
adjustable head or base

Use a post that looks like it was designed for the job. The square post looks better than a round post and usually does not cost any more. In some cases it is less expensive. We have found that once a contractor uses the PETCO square post, he sees the advantages and keeps on using them. Our square steel post is dip-painted inside and out and has rounded corners for added safety.

square steel post
square post applications


  • Conforms to the architectural lines of most buildings
  • Can readily be used in a 4-in. concrete wall or a 4-in. drywall partition
  • Ideal for motel and porch posts as well as guard rail posts
  • Numerous other uses: Carports, sign posts, angular support posts and fence posts.