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PETCO® Floor Scrapers and Replacement Blades

floor scraper

Floor Scrapers

Petco floor scrapers feature an all-steel flexible blade (14-in. or 18-in.) with a light-gauge tubing handle. The Petco floor scraper is great for "rip-off" or refinishing jobs such as roofing, flooring, etc.

Floor Scraper Features

  • All-steel flexible blade
  • 14-in. and 18-in. replacement blades available

Heavy Duty Scrapers

heavy duty scraper

We also offer a heavy-duty floor scraper with a rigid blade for the most demanding jobs.

Heavy-duty Scraper Features

  • Rigid, beveled blade with light-gauge tubing handle
  • Scrapes up concrete marble, ceramic tile, linoleum, sub-flooring, roofing, asphalt, etc.
  • Chips away cement & plaster
  • A great cleanup tool
  • A great ice scraper
  • 7-in. replacement blades available